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  Technologies and processes

All our current sport pads are overmoulded, however we have no problems with other types of processes as per customer´s needs. We are focusing on rubber and injection moulding mainly, but stamping, welding, assembly of any type is possible. Our plants together with team of designers and experienced manufacturing leaders are based in Shanghai and Beijing, China and thanks to our long-term experience with customers all over the world we offer good quality products at a competitive price. 

Machine list

žLW Beijing:
Press Vacuum Vulcanizer: 6 x 200 tons, 6 x 150 tons, 6 x 100 tons, 1 x 800 tons, 1 x 350 tons, 6 x Rubber Injection Vulcanizer, Banbury – 35 t, 55 t, 75 t, 110 t
Others: Open Mixers, Rubber Filters, Laser Engraving machine, Sandblasting Machine, Automatic cutting machines, Projector

Testing equipment: Tensile Elongation Tester, Vulkameter, Oven, Gratitometer, Ozone testing macine, Thickness tester, Hardness tester, Oil Resistance tester, Electrothermal constant-temperature dry box.

29 Plastic injection machines (tonage from 60 tons to 600 tons): 
600 tons – 1x, 400 tons – 1x, 380 tons – 1x, 360 tons – 2x, 250 tons – 1x, 240 tons – 6x, 180 tons – 1x, 168 tons – 1x, 130 tons – 2x, 100 tons – 13x etc…
EDM4550, Milling machines, Sandblasting machine, Laser etching machine, Projector, 5D, EDM and others