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World Union Fortune Club Investment Management Co., Ltd.
World Union Fortune Club Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a non-profit organization founded by World Union Fortune Club which Dr. James Lee is one of the 10 owner. The club consists of President and CEO of major corporations, finance experts, and leaders in other industries.

China Philippines Business Association (CPBA)
China Philippines Business Association (CPBA)Formed by Dr. James Lee and Ambassador Jose E.B. Antonio with the objective of promoting business relationships between China and the Philippines, enhancing understanding of both cultures, and achieving greater financial benefits for council members by forming business alliances or joint-ventures. Membership is highly prestigious with limit of twenty members. It covers a wide range of industries, i.e., Real Estate, Finance, Aviation, Hotels, Mining, Tourism, Education, and various consumer good, Member’s total output account for 60% GDP of Philippines.


First Capital Securities Co., Ltd.
Lee World Group holds minority share in this company. Frist Capital was established in 1993 and has registered capital of $320 million dollars with 1528 employees.

Vinvo Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Lee World Group invested in 2007, Its parent is China Interactive Television (CITV) and it specializes in 3D animation and 2D to 3D movie conversion.