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(Supplier relationship)

·        “The supplier is a key factor to success for a great company.”

·        “Actively promote and cooperate with the partner involved.”

(Supplier approval)

·        “Our supplier database comes from the global potential supplier questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire in order for us to provide you with accurate supplier information.”

·        “Please contact us to request a form”

(Supplier selection)

·        “For each project, we examine each supplier before allowing them to participate in the bidding, which includes an on-site audit. Depending on the relative merits of each project, we will decide on the most suitable supplier.

(Supplier Management)

·        Our supplier management is customer-oriented. We guide our suppliers through a vendor manual, which has been created through our wealth of experience in global sourcing and manufacturing. We can develop a control plan for both the product and the supplier, in order to ensure success of the products and services being offered in a timely manner. Examples of information that could be included in a control plan include” regular reviews, spot checks, pre-shipment inspection, and rectification measures.

(Supplier performance ratings)

·        The overall ratings of our suppliers are measured by product quality, delivery timeliness, price, and development among other general variables. Suppliers are incentivized to perform at a high standard through rewards for exceptional performance.