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On May 16, 2015, with "China Dream, Olympic Dream, General Aviation Dream" being the theme, the Annual Airshow was successfully held at China's First Fly-in Community.

There were 800+ guests at the event with more than 20+ companies in attendence. The companies include; Progressive Aerodyne, Fly Tigers GA Company, Beijing Huaan GA company and many others. There were 5 strategic agreements signed that day between Lee World Aviation and companies in airplane manufacturing, GA tourism, UAV drones, and flying clubs sectors. Future activitites at the Community will include flying tourism, pilot traning, airplane experience and sales, UAV experience and sales, GA BBQ, airshows and etc.

Opening speech at the Airshow

Lee World Aviation CEO Dr. James Lee speaking at the Airshow

Progressive Aerodyne CEO Mr. Adam Yang speaking at the Airshow

Progressive Aerodyne’s Searey Airplane

Searey in the sky

Searey landing in Guanting Lake

Ultra-light airplane taking off

UAV, and Pipistrel Glider at the Airshow


Ultra-light airplane

Pipistrel Glider