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Finance director:
1, responsible for the financial statements of group company, group company budgeting and monitoring, prepare and update the group financial management procedures and policies;
2, to assist the general manager of capital operation, the preparation of feasibility analysis report, be responsible for the formulation and management of enterprise short-term, medium-term and long-term financial strategy, plan, organize and under the guidance of the company financial activities and policy and internal audit, establish enterprise economic and financial standards and procedures, to provide the necessary information for effective management;
3, the capital operation, cost control, budget management, tax planning, financial analysis skills;
1, have five years of financial management experience more than five years, Real Estate Company, bachelor degree or above in finance or related, 30 - 40 years old;
2, with rich experience in capital operation, familiar with the merger and acquisition, enterprise value assessment, investment feasibility report;
3, a comprehensive financial and professional ability; be familiar with national and Beijing city's financial (especially tax law, regulations, policy);
4, good computer skills, familiar with financial software, familiar with ERP system is preferred;
5, a stable personality, work rigorous, honest, has strong sense of teamwork, able to work under pressure;
6, has the strong judgment and decision-making ability, interpersonal communication and coordination, planning and implementation capacity, and has the strong working enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, able to work.
* Please send your resume to E-MAIL:bjhr@leeworld.com

President assistant:
Responsibilities: assist the president to deal with comprehensive thematic work and emergencies.
Job content:
1, participate in corporate decision-making.
2, fully understand the business environment of the business operations of the company and the company.
3, the president commissioned the survey work.
4, complete other work entrusted by the president.
5, public relations ability, figure temperament is good, good at communication.
1, strong communication skills.
2, has the strong organization ability.
3, there is a strong comprehensive coordination and public relations ability.
4, strong working ability and comprehensive management and coordination ability.
5, skilled use of office software.
6, work rigorous, sureness, seriously, a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
* Please send your resume to E-MAIL:bjhr@leeworld.com