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  Advisory Team

Dr. Kemin Zhu

Ph. D, Chinese Finance Research Institute

CEO,Donghai Securities

Top level securities manager approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). Holds 17 different professional licenses

10+ years CSRC and Ministry of Finance (MOF) work experience

Dr. Feng Wang

Ph. D Communication University of China (CUC)

Secretary, China Television Artists Association

Judge, China Television Award

Vast resources and connections in the China media market

Dr. Ben J. Sopranzetti

Ph.D in Finance, University of Illinois

Elite Financial Consultant for Beijing and New York

Specializes in Private Equity and Risk Management

15+ years of Investment Bank experience

Daniel B. Cunningham

Harvard OPM Business School

CEO/President in wholly-owned U.S. and China companies

CEO/President of Long-Stanton Corporation established in 1862

Cleveland Federal Reserve Member

Brian C. Byrd

Harvard Business School MBA

Founder/CEO, New Breed W

Investment Banker, Bear Stearns

Consultant, McKinsey & Company